Become the (K​)​night (feat. Layla DaVias)

from by Mario Bueno

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Raindrops, they fall upon my face
Wrapped up within cold darkness' embrace
A bolt of lightning 'cross the sky...
I ask myself...why...?

Is it 'cause of memories so dark and tragic?
Is it 'cause of trauma cut so deep?
Or is it vanity mixed up in self-delusion
That I can bring peace...

Become the night...
Bearer of justice and what's right...
Become the everlasting light...
Become the (k)night

Looking down upon the refuse in this town,
Are they just fools or tools for demons underground
Is this a cross, is this a burden I am meant to bear?
Why, then, should I care...

Is this a blessing or is this a curse?
Savior or vigilante: which is worse?
Is this a power or is it responsibility?
Why can't I yet see...
When they call to me...

Become the night...
Bearer of justice and what's right...
Become the everlasting light...
Become the (k)night.

Don't you remember that one night that scarred you?
The hour when destiny revealed
The cards that you were dealt, and now you need to play them
Become without fear...

The wounds you feel deep down inside your heart
Won't close no matter where you end or start
But can you become hope that cuts through the despair?
Be the one to care...
Hear them all down there...
Be what they need here...

For when the choir of the people sing...
(M: No more love, feeling’s gone...)
And joyous exultation starts to ring
(M: Will no one hear what’s wrong...?)
The peace that you know only you can bring them
(M: Father...Mother...Why can’t I be like any other...?)
Those oppressed by those who claim to be the light

Throughout the city torn up by dissention...
(M: So is this what you will give to me?)
Torn apart by fear...(M: So then I use what you bequeath to me...)
That's...(M: To be...)
When it turns clear....(M: ...What they see...)

Become the night...(M: Though I am at the end of my rope...)
Bearer of justice and what's right...(M: I will become their glimmer of hope)
Become the everlasting light...(M: Become a dark pariah)
Become the (k)night! (M: To become a dark messiah)

(M:) Become the night...(F: Will you become the guardian?)
(M:) Bearer of justice and what's right...(F:Will you become their hope?)
(M:) Become the everlasting light...(F: Become the burning light)


from (A​)​rise, released April 17, 2013




Mario Bueno New York, New York

A New York City native who dabbles in music, particularly of the geek pop culture variety.

He does a bunch of stuff and has a longer bio on his website. You should go to it and stuff.

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